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Auto Lottery in a Token

Innovation, creation and experimentation is our pillar when launching a project to the market and thus be able to add quality content to give use and value to the Blockchain.

Luder Protocol is a prototype to perform tokens with decentralized and automatic lottery dynamics within the asset contract itself. The purpose of the project is to evaluate the adoption of a standard with this dynamics in the market.

The contract accumulates a certain amount of BNB for each transaction of purchase or sale in DEX, when the accumulated amount exceeds more than 0.3 BNB, executes the random lottery function and chooses a random wallet from a token $LUDER holder that has the minimum amount of tokens to participate in the lottery.

All users who hold more than 100,000 tokens have their assured participation and can be raffled everytime. It should be noted that the greater the movement in the market, the greater the amount of automatic lotteries.

We use Chainlink’s VRF v2 technology to randomly select the winners of our automated lottery.

Chainlink’s VRF technology is a decentralized randomness verification tool that uses state-of-the-art cryptography to ensure that the lottery results are completely unpredictable and fair. This means that Luder Protocol participants can be sure that they have the same chance of winning, regardless of who they are or where they are located.

In addition, by using Chainlink’s VRF technology, Luder Protocol is taking measures to ensure the transparency and reliability of our lottery system. All results are verifiable and stored on a public blockchain, which means that anyone can verify the randomness of the results at any time.

Roadmap Planning v1

Tokenomics of implementation

Total Supply: 100.000.000 $LUDER which will initially be distributed as follows:

*¹ The percentages described here refer to the maximum placement for each destination. In the case of resulting in excess tokens, they will be burned before their official launch to the DEX.

*² A large part of the sustainability and team tokens will be locked in different periods with vesting to promote the decentralization of tokens. The links to the corresponding lockers will be published in this section.

Sustainability Locker: LINK

Team Locker: LINK

*³ Regarding the Buybacks function, a part is used to repurchase tokens and then inject liquidity in pairs with BNB. Increasing the liquidity of the pair continuously.

*⁴ Excess tokens are burned through redefinitions of calculations and market analysis. Burning event transaction: View in BSCscan

$LUDER have a buy/sale tax included in the contract for automatic lotteries, sustainability and buybacks (with automatic token burning).

  • 3% Lottery
  • 3% Sustainability
  • 3% Lottery
  • 3% Sustainability
  • 3% Buybacks


Luder can currently be purchased on PancakeSwap.

* The public presale will be held on the Pinksale launchpad, and the public liquidity pool launch will be on Pancakeswap.



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